Create Custom Labels for Uniquely-Shaped Containers – Tips and Tricks from Sticker It

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Are you looking for a way to make your containers stand out from the crowd? Custom labels are an excellent way to add a personal touch and create unique packaging for any product. With the help of Sticker It, you can learn how to design eye-catching custom labels that fit any shape or size container. From finding a suitable label shape to creating attractive designs that draw attention, this article will provide all the tips and tricks needed to create perfect custom labels for uniquely-shaped containers. So let’s get started!

1. Choose a design that complements your overall aesthetic

When designing custom labels for your containers, it’s crucial to create a design that will complement your overall aesthetic and make your products stand out from the competition. After all, the correct label design can be the difference between an impressive container and one that gets lost in the shuffle. Choosing a design that complements your overall aesthetic can make all the difference, so take your time and explore various design options.

2. Use colours that will make the labels pop

Colour plays a significant role in making your labels stand out from the competition. Choose bright and vibrant colours that will make your labels pop off of any container. In addition, be sure to select colours that complement each other and match your overall aesthetic. This will ensure that your labels look attractive and draw attention to your product.

3. Keep the text simple and easy to read

The text on custom labels should be kept simple and easy to read. Complex fonts or designs can make it difficult for consumers to read information such as ingredients or instructions. In addition, using too many colours in the text can make it hard to distinguish between words and phrases. To prevent this, stick with one font and only use two or three colours for the label’s text.

4. Make sure the label’s adhesive is strong enough to stick to most surfaces

Your label is useless to you if it is not sticky enough. That is why it is essential to check whether your adhesive is strong enough to stick to most surfaces. The label should be able to stay attached even when exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. To ensure this, test the label on different surfaces and determine which adhesive works best for your product. Find a more detailed overview here.

5. Allow for some breathing room around the text

Have you ever heard of white space? It can make your design! You have to allow for some breathing room around the text of your custom labels. This will make it easier for customers to read the information on the labels and helps create a more aesthetically pleasing design. To do this, leave enough space between the text and edges of the label so that it doesn’t look cramped.

6. Choose a custom shape to match your containers

The best way to make your labels stand out from the competition is to choose a custom shape that matches the design of your containers. Sticker It offers various shapes and sizes of custom labels, so you can easily find one that fits perfectly with your products. By choosing a die cut label shape that complements your containers, you can create a unique and attractive packaging solution for any product.

With these tips and tricks from Sticker It, creating custom labels for uniquely-shaped containers is easy. All it takes is creativity and the right tools to make sure your labels stand out from the rest. So if you’re looking for a way to make your products stand out from the competition, look no further than custom labels. With Sticker It’s help, you can create custom labels that will take your products to new heights.

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