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Baza Quan is a name you’ll hear around town. Although she’s been making music for a couple of decades, she’s only made a handful of starring appearances in the past few years. She’s also a licensed real estate agent and a consulting firm owner. A smattering of her songs are available on local Guam radio stations in Musicmaker. If you’re looking for the latest in musical innovation, Baza may be the woman for you. As you can imagine, her music is also played during local dance performances. It’s no wonder she has a well deserved reputation as one of the Guam’s finest.

While Baza was at it, she teamed up with a few notable names in the industry. Her collaborators include Tom Bejado, the Charfauros Brothers and her former band mates Johnny Sablan. Those who’ve seen the aforementioned trio in action will be surprised at the level of professionalism. They’re not only talented but also a blast to work with. Their chemistry is unmatched in the industry and their rapport with their fans is second to none. With the release of their album Casamiento, you’ll be able to enjoy a handful of tracks crafted by a few of the best. Plus, you can get a sneak peak at the tracklist before they hit the road for the first time!

The big question is what will the future hold for Baza. In the meantime, she’s spending her nights in front of the microphone posing to her lucky fans. Among her other accomplishments are a BA in sociology from the University of Guam and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. However, the most important task is to find the next career path for herself. Perhaps a job at a music studio will give her the time and energy she needs to complete her own musical project.

Baza Quan was born in Sinajana, Guam. She has six siblings. Her mother, Josefa C., is a home maker and cook. Her father, Jesus A., is a sailor. After graduating from the Academy of Our Lady of Guam, Baza attended University of Guam, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology. In 2011, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Chamorro Island Music Awards.

She is now an independent artist, as well as a licensed real estate agent. Baza’s music can be heard on Guam radio stations, as well as at dance performances. Some of her albums include Flora Baza–Queen of Chamorro Music and Hale’-ta Series. Her latest album, Flamenco Fever: Instrumental Spanish Guitar Favorites, was released in 2016. Besides writing, producing, and singing her own songs, Baza has worked with many local producers and artists.

In her early days, Baza’s sound was heavily influenced by American pop music. But she infused contemporary styles into her own songs. Baza’s melodic voice enhanced songs about love and loss. For a time, she was a member of the original dance group Taotaotano, which performed during the South Pacific Arts Festival. Later, she began performing with a cousin’s band.


Today, Baza makes special appearances. Her children are also working on re-recording some of her songs. She loves to entertain. She hopes to promote Chamorro cultural heritage. And she hopes to keep her songs alive. By doing so, she hopes to inspire future generations.

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