Fun88 Queen of Bounty – Earn Real Cash in Free Time

The world of slot games is full of many different game genres, but surely once you try to join the Queen of Bounty Fun88 will bring a new feeling. The way to play is not too picky, but it will not make you feel bored. That is also the reason why many people love this game so much. Let’s find out with Fun88 what is so attractive about this game genre.

What’s interesting about the Fun88 Queen of Bounty?

Queen of Bounty Fun88 is known to be a popular online slot machine game genre in recent times. The game is inspired by medieval times as well as the reign of queens. The game has a total of 5 reels and 20 paylines, combined with a maximum amount of up to 10,000 coins. 

The game has a standard layout and is easy to manipulate for players. Therefore, it will be completely suitable for new players or experienced brothers. The symbols present in the game include the queen, knight horse, and castle. Besides, there are other traditional symbols such as 10, A, K, Q, and J. odisha discom

Of the symbols listed above, the queen symbol will pay the most. Combined with that, the game also has some other interesting features. Such as the free spins bonus round or the gambling feature. 

The game is more and more attractive thanks to modern technology with extremely vivid images and graphics walmart. In addition, the sound effects also bring extremely high quality and will definitely make you satisfied.

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How to play Queen of Bounty at Fun88?

The Fun88 Queen of Bounty is an extremely interesting slot game genre. Here is how to play the Queen of Bounty at Fun88 you should refer to:

  • Once the game is opened, you will see the playing state being opened on the console. Below are 3 windows showing wallets. At this point, your current bet amount will be in this interface. At the same time, an empty window will also show the winnings for each of your spins.
  • Now you click on the betting window and a new window will open. At this point, you can set the bet size from 1 to 10. At the same time, you can enter the maximum bet if you want to try the feeling of risk. 
  • Now just click on the icon in the outermost menu on the right-hand side of the spin button. And then a set of icons will be opened for you.
  • Now you just need to click on the paytable to show the value of the symbols. You will now find thumbnails of the cash flows here.
  • Right on the main screen, you can activate turbo or auto spin. 
  • When you achieve free spins, you will be given 3 different options for the number of spins.
  • Now you are also ready to fight the game by clicking the spin button.

How to bet on the Fun88 Queen of Bounty slot game effectively

To be able to easily win in the Fun88 Queen of Bounty, bettors need to be really smart. At the same time, it is necessary to have many conquest plans, such as:

Make bets from small to large

This is sincere advice from experienced people. You should make bets from small to large for your bets. Because in the first games we play, your judgment will also meet some limitations. It can be said that the odds of losing will be higher than winning many times. Therefore, the lower you bet, the less money we lose.

Participate in playing many consecutive bets

There are some people who lose the first game and then rush to stop immediately. This means that you will definitely lose your capital. Therefore, to participate in playing the effective Fun88 Queen of Bounty, you need to bet at least 5 times in a row. Therefore, the chance of you winning in the following turns will be very high, so there will definitely be a chance to regain what you have lost.

Should know when to stop at the right time when playing Queen of Bounty Fun88

Everyone has the mentality that, the more you lose, the more you want to remove the antlers. Therefore, to play slot games effectively, you should stop letting this mentality dominate you. Fun88 hopes you need to know where to stop. After 5 consecutive bets and you still lose, you should stop and regain your composure and spirit. Next, wait for your chance to get lucky and try the game again.

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FAQs about playing the Queen of Bounty slot game at Fun88

Q:  Can I use Fun88 Queen of Bounty to make real money?

A: Yes, Fun88 Queen of Bounty is a slot game where players can make real money.

Q: Is Fun88 Queen of Bounty safe?

A: Yes, Fun88 has adopted the highest security standards and all transactions are encrypted to protect players’ personal and banking information.

Q: Can Fun88 Queen of Bounty be played on mobile devices?

A: Yes, Fun88 Queen of Bounty can be played both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Q: What is the maximum bet limit for the Fun88 Queen of Bounty?

A: The maximum bet limit for the Fun88 Queen of Bounty is 10 coins per spin.

Q: What are the payout percentages of Fun88 Queen of Bounty?

A: Fun88 Queen of Bounty has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 95%. This means that for every £100 wagered, players can expect to win back £95 on average in winnings.

Q:  Are there any Fun88 Queen of Bounty jackpots?

A: Yes, the Fun88 Queen of Bounty has three progressive jackpots that can be triggered randomly. The higher the bet size, the more likely you are to trigger the jackpot game.


The Fun88 Queen of Bounty will surely bring you an enjoyable entertainment time. At the same time, the game promises to bring safety and an opportunity to make big money. If you want to play slot games effectively, never cheat. Instead, focus on learning effective playing strategies.