Golf Shank Drills – Tips To Improve Your Ball Striking

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The golf ball positioning drill is a great way to improve your ball striking. It can be used as a warm-up drill or as part of your practice routine.

The downswing drill focuses on ensuring the club stays behind the body at impact, which is one of the keys to consistent golf shots. If you are struggling with hitting solid shots, this exercise is for you!

The impact drill helps improve consistency by focusing on making contact with each club face at exactly the same spot every time you hit a shot. This will help reduce inconsistencies in distance and direction that lead to poor course management skills during play.

Finally, finish drills teach players how to bring their arms through their swing using proper follow-through technique to maximize distance while minimizing effort spent swinging back through the impact zone again before loading up the ready position again (if necessary).

Golf Ball Positioning Drill

The Golf Ball Positioning Drill is a simple way to practice striking your irons and wedges. Place a tee in the middle of your stance, then place a golf ball about 3-4 inches behind it. With both feet aligned with this new tee alignment, hit shots until you can do so consistently.

This drill helps ensure that you’re swinging down on top of the ball instead of hitting under it or around it (which can lead to thin shots). 

It also helps keep your body and arms in sync with each other at impact–a common problem among many golfers who try to get away from their natural swing tendencies when they’re under pressure during competition or other high-stress situations.

Downswing Drill

A good way to practice this is with a club in your hand. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and take an address position, lining up the ball at about 4 o’clock (if you’re right-handed).

Now ensure you can see the clubhead just over your left shoulder. This will help keep it behind you during the swing, which is important for hitting solid shots. With most golfers, it’s common for them to lift their heads at impact or even during their backswing. 

This happens often because they’re looking down at their feet instead of keeping their eyes focused on where they want their ball to go–which should be straight ahead!

Impact Drill

The impact drill is designed to help you focus on the feel of your clubhead at impact. This will help you ensure you’re striking the ball consistently, which is important for improving your ball striking and scoring.

Place an alignment rod or towel across the ground parallel to your target line, about 2-3 feet in front of it (the exact distance depends on what works best for you). Set up as if it were a normal shot, but with one leg behind the other, so both feet are aligned and facing toward your target. 

Now take some practice swings with just enough power and speed so that when you hit this target area with full swing speed, there is no chance that any part of either foot will touch either side of this imaginary line trendingbird

After each swing, check where your clubface was pointing after impact; try not to move any more than necessary during this process. Focus on ensuring that all future shots land within these guidelines as well!

Finish Drill

With the finish drill, you can improve your swing plane and get more distance out of each shot. This drill involves hitting balls with a wedge and working on getting a consistent angle between the club head and the ground at impact. 

To perform this drill, place a tee before your stance as you would for any other shot. Next, take out any sand wedge that has been fitted for use with these types of shots (like Callaway’s XR Pro) net worth

Using this club will ensure that there is no interference between your hands, arms, or body during swings–allowing you to focus solely on hitting toward where the ball was placed on top of its tee pad without worrying about anything else!

Once comfortable with this setup and technique, begin taking practice swings until ready before stepping into full contact mode.

It is vital to do more than just hitting on the range

It is vital to do more than just hit on the range. It is important to practice your short game and putting as well. You can do this by playing different games like chipping contests or competitions with your friends or family members. 

Playing these games will teach you how to make better shots under pressure because there are no rules about where you have to hit from or how much time you get for each shot. You should also consider getting lessons from a professional coach whenever possible because they will help improve your technique and overall golfing knowledge. It will allow you to become more confident when playing alone without having someone there who knows what they are doing. Start with your golf lessons in NYC today and improve your game!


If you want to improve your ball striking, golf shank drills are one way to do it. These drills help you learn how to hit the ball from different positions on the clubface and get used to hitting shots from off-center. You can also use these drills when warming up before playing a round or practicing on your own time at home or in the gym!

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