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Hundreds of millions of individuals use different types of digital document formats daily to store, edit, and share information. Out of all the digital formats that are used, the Portable Document Format or PDF is the most popular one. Thanks to its versatility and features, it is deemed the universal standard of digital document format.

PDF files and documents can be edited using PDF-editing applications or programs such as Adobe Acrobat. However, every individual who wishes to edit PDFs should know about certain tips and tricks to work with PDF files seamlessly. This article will list some efficient PDF editing tips following which users can edit or make changes to PDF files without hassle. Let us begin:

  • Extract Specific Pages from a PDF File

There are instances when PDF documents are comprised of multiple pages, most of which individuals do not require. Fortunately, there are numerous ways following which users can extract the required number of pages in multiple ways. For example, individuals can use a PDF-editing application like Adobe Acrobat or Nitro PDF Pro and enter the specific page numbers they wish to extract to get the job done with ease.

However, there are instances when PDF editing tools are not available. In such cases, users of all platforms can get the job done using websites offering PDF-related services. For instance, sites like iLovePDF and SmallPDF allow users to extract pages from PDFs for free. All users need to do is input the page number they wish to extract and click on the confirmation button. This is one of the simplest ways of extracting specific pages from a PDF file.

  • Add Bookmarks to PDFs

The PDF format is popular for storing ample information in an organized and structured manner. However, there are times when PDFs contain tons of pages, which makes it harder for readers to go through them. This is where bookmarks come in. They make it easier for users to navigate around the document and access the required portion of information.

There are multiple ways following which users can add bookmarks to PDFs. For instance, to link to a specific document section, macOS users can use the native Preview app’s “Add Bookmark” option in the “Tools” menu to get the job done within seconds. Similarly, Windows users can also add a bookmark using the Adobe Acrobat tool. To do so, they simply need to click on the “Bookmarks” button, scroll to the page they wish to bookmark, and use the Select tool to specify the area.

  • Merge Multiple PDF Files into a Single One

As the term suggests, Merging PDF files refers to the act of joining two separate PDF files and turning them into a single one. Individuals who deal with tons of PDF files daily often need to merge two or more PDF files together. Thankfully, all major PDF editors allow users to merge PDF files without hassle.

For example, individuals who use Adobe Acrobat can get the job done within seconds using the app’s tools. All they need to do is open the app, navigate to the Tools menu, click on the “Combine Files” option, select the files they wish to merge, and complete the process by clicking on the “Combine” option. Besides this, users can also opt to use the Acrobat Online Tool to merge multiple files.

  • Password-Protect or Encrypt PDF Files

The PDF format is very secure, which is why millions of users use it to store sensitive information. However, despite being secure, the format can be exploited. Hence, users are advised to encrypt or password-protect PDF files with confidential or sensitive information. Most PDF editors, including Adobe Acrobat, allowing users to encrypt PDF files without hassle.

However, there are times when users do not have access to paid editors and tools. In such cases, users can opt to use online platforms offering PDF encryption services. Two of the best websites using which individuals can easily encrypt PDF files include iLovePDF and SmallPDF.

  • Add Images to PDF Files

When working on a PDF document, there are instances when individuals need to insert graphical elements like digital images to enhance its credibility and appeal. Thankfully, users of all platforms can add the required images to any PDF document using PDF editors.

For instance, users can add images using the universal Acrobat editor. To do so, they need to access the Tools menu and click on the “Content Editing” option followed by the “Add Image” option. Then, they need to select the required image and complete the process by clicking on the “Ok” option. When inserting images, there are numerous intuitive options available that users can choose from.

PDFs are the functional blocks of the digital document world. Besides PDF, there are not many formats that make editing, reading or sharing easier. Any individual who wishes to work seamlessly with PDF files should keep the aforementioned editing tips in mind.

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