What To Look For When Selecting A Retirement Community

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A senior community is the next viable option when home care is no longer possible. Some can be harmful, while others are incredible. How do you determine which locations to meet your needs?

When researching retirement communities, you don’t just want to look over brochures and pick one based on how they look. Instead, you want to thoroughly vet each facility using stringent search criteria, like these suggestions.

Levels of Care

The needs of seniors vary from individual to individual. Similarly, senior living communities such as St. Dominic Village offer multiple levels of care. This enables you to pick a level of care that suits the needs of your loved one. 

Also, a community with multiple levels of care puts you at ease. As your loved one continues to age, their needs will also change. For instance, a senior who once enjoyed independent living may need assisted care. Subsequently, it will be easier to transition from one level of care to another in the same community, thus saving you the hassle of seeking out a new community.

The most commonly offered levels of care include independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing communities.

Independent living communities cater to seniors who are social and active. This arrangement is ideal for seniors who need freedom from home maintenance and a simpler life. Here, your loved one will enjoy the company of friends their age.

In assisted living communities, seniors are provided with more support for day-to-day activities such as dressing and taking medication. These communities are ideal for a senior who cannot live alone. In this level of care, seniors also have the opportunity to socialize and receive assistance with their daily needs.

The memory care communities offer hands-on care to seniors who need extra care and a safe place to live. It is best suited for people dealing with dementia and memory loss. With a staff trained to handle people with memory loss, you can be sure that your loved one will be in a safe environment.


Location is a crucial consideration for seniors and their loved ones when selecting a living community. Where you choose to live in your retirement days will impact how you live daily and whether you will enjoy your stay there. 

The first thing you should consider is the weather in a given place. Figure out if you prefer warm winters or hot, humid summers. This is especially important if you want to reside permanently in a senior living community. 

Another element to consider is the accessibility of a place. Would you walk around easily or ride a bike when you wanted to? Can you access essential amenities like hospitals, restaurants, airports, grocery stores, and entertainment venues?

Finally, check if the location is safe to ensure you can live without worries of insecurity. Consider if you want to reside near your loved ones so they can visit you more often. 

Activities & Events

When choosing a senior living community, it is crucial to consider the availability of activities and events. As a senior, you must participate in fun activities that keep you engaged, happy, and healthy. Senior Living communities offer a variety of activities. Choose activities that interest you. 

It’s essential to find out what kind of entertainment a community offers so you can get a glimpse of how residents spend their time. For instance, some communities organize events such as stand-up comedy, invite choirs, host movie screenings, and host pool parties.

If you or your loved ones love to stay engaged, below are some social activities to consider.

  • Dance classes: Dancing is an excellent activity for seniors because it allows you to stay active while having fun with your friends. You can also enroll in classes to learn various fun dancing styles. 
  • Arts and crafts: This engaging activity allows the participants to express their talents. It is also a fantastic way to express oneself without necessarily needing the approval of others.
  • Cooking classes: Seniors can stay engaged by learning how to prepare various dishes. These classes are excellent for those looking to eat healthy and nutritious meals.

Medical Care

Look for a community that gives you a clear understanding of the medical options available to you. Find out the kind of medical care available within the community or nearby places. Are there specialists in the community who accept new patients? 

Are reputable specialist medical providers such as dentists, opticians, and primary care physicians? Regardless of your current medical situation, you require assurance that the medical specialist will be available when you need them.

Therefore, you need to ensure that a senior living community provides you with all the necessary details you need to know about the medical care in the area before making a final decision.


Before hunting for a suitable living community, check your budget upfront and know what you can afford. This way, assessing if a particular affordable living community will be more leisurely. You can find the prices of living communities readily available on their websites.

The cost of a senior living community depends on the size of the room, the level of care needed, and the location. For instance, the cost of independent living is lower than that of assisted living because the latter requires more staff members who work around the clock to help with daily living chores.

Also, the cost of communities near major cities is likely higher than that of those in the interior because their demand is higher. As a rule of thumb, prepare your budgets, sit down with your family and a financial adviser, and go through the process. 

When you visit a senior living community, ask several questions, such as the lease length, insurance requirements, security deposits, extra costs, etc.

Amenities and Services

Senior living communities offer a variety of amenities and services to make their residents more comfortable. Seek out a community with several amenities that will make your life easier and maintenance-free. Also, look for distinctive ways the opportunities and amenities will improve your life.

For instance, check whether the community has a system of natural trails to facilitate your morning walks. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to travel far to find a fitness center, a yoga class, or a table tennis court. Although such details are tiny, they will make a huge difference in keeping you healthy and active.

In some communities, some amenities may come with associated costs. Consider this so you can adjust your budget as needed. Some of the amenities that might attract extra fees in some communities include: 

  • Vehicle storage amenities such as garages and parking spaces
  • A la carte services such as hair maintenance and dry cleaning
  • Maintenance services and any other notable services

Generally, review several communities to determine the number of amenities available. Once you do, figure out which amenities are most important to you. Then, select those communities with the most amenities on your list. 

Pet Friendliness 

Another important consideration is whether a community is pet friendly. Pets are more than living companions. They do more to improve people’s health. Dog walking offers an excellent opportunity to hit the outdoors. 

If you are a pet lover, you want to ensure your pet will come with you when you move to a senior residence. Also, although several communities are now adjusting their pet policies to accommodate pets, you must ensure a given flowerstips society is the right fit.

To do that, ask several questions. Of course, the first question would be whether pets are allowed. Once you confirm, go ahead and find out if there are any restrictions based on breed, size, or temperament. Some communities may restrict given breeds and large-sized pets.  Also, the facility may assess your pet’s character before you move in.

Other considerations include the following:

  • Number of pets allowed per resident
  • Community spaces accessible to pets
  • Pet deposit or monthly fee requirements
  • Vaccination requirements

Ultimately, getting the above pet requirements right from the start will make your life and that of your pet more manageable in a living community.


Cooking and doing dishes are among the chores that seniors would gladly skip. Moving into a senior living community gives you access to nutritious, freshly prepared meals that meet your nutritional requirements.

If you are a food lover who enjoys nights out, choose a community rich in food options and dining styles. Most communities offer chef-prepared meals with tastes personalized to your needs and preferences. 

Dining options may include restaurant-style dining, small on-campus cafes, takeaways, and small grocery stores. 

When you tour a community, find out what ingredients they use for cooking. This will come in handy if you have allergies or restrictions to some elements. Better yet, request to stay and try out the meals.

Find The Perfect Senior Living Community For Your Love One

It can be challenging to watch a loved one age, especially when it’s impossible to be there for them at all times. Senior living communities are an excellent option because they put your mind at ease knowing that your loved one is safe and well-cared for. But they need to be a perfect ailovemusic fit.

Considering factors like levels of care, location, activities, medical care, and affordability is a great way to choose the best community.

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